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SBS-1 Real-time Virtual Radar , Produced by: Kinetic Avionic Products Limited and available from: Martin Lynch & Sons Limited



Firmware v301 Instructions Download and READ , before attempting any Firmware upgrade.


Firmware for all SBS models. Released 14th February 2009

Ethernet Module Installation Guide (PDF Format)

SBS-1e Firmware: (Will NOT work with and previous SBS-1 Device!!)

Firmware L-402-401-402

Firmware Upload Utility


BaseStation Software:

BaseStation Ver.

Newest Version of BaseStation Software

All the above downloads originate from


Barebones SBS-1 Tutorial

This is the MUST read , information on all aspects of the BaseStation Software.

SBS Resources

Newest release 15th February 2010, this download is a collection of the most popular BaseStation add-ons including High-Res outlines.

Once the BaseStation software is installed it will create a NEW but BLANK aircraft/session database named "Basestation.sqb"

This is perfect if you want to start from scratch and only have a database which contains aircraft picked up by your own SBS1 only.

To get an already well populated database;

Download Aerodata's Database

or join this yahoo group :

then when joined [will only take a short while] , go to the download section and download "Octavstarterpack18" (Please note that the numbers on the end may change as updates become available (eg. 19 , 20 , 21 etc.)

If using XP unzip into "c:\programfiles\kinetic\basestation" , when asked to replace click yes

The BaseStation software comes with DEFAULT Country flags.

Several sets of flags are available as downloads to either replace or enhance the original set;

Improved Civil/Military Flags sets This set also includes Registration Flags for use instead of the country flag.

These flags will only display on the Basestation aircraft listing if additional data is added to the countries.dat file. The DAT file is a separate zip (because it is still undergoing frequent revision./update) and contains all known allocations to date. It is updated as new information is discovered - usually quarterly. DAT File

The newest version's of BaseStation software (Ver & allows the user to have a column for displaying either Operator Logo's or Aircraft Silhouettes. (For Aircraft Silhouettes please select the next tab).

For help with setting up and running Operator Flags or Aircraft Silhouettes please visit the SBS-1 Forum

Operator logo's are available from several locations:


Operator Logo's From Bones

Operator Logo's from Jack Ford

Operator Logo's from Mike Cogan

The newest version's of BaseStation software (Ver & allows the user to have a column for displaying either Aircraft Silhouettes or Operator Logo's. (For Operator Logo's please select the previous tab).

For help with setting up and running Operator Flags or Aircraft Silhouettes please visit the SBS-1 Forum

Aircraft Silhouettes from Ian Kirby Contains over 670 excellently produced silhouettes.

If you are unsure what any of these add-ons are capable of doing or not doing , please visit the SBS-1 Forum for information , help and advice.

SBS-1 Populate and the NEW Active Display from GAS :

Visit SBS-Populate download page

Visit the New Active Display download page


Local Aircraft Watch

A small program which allows the user to monitor & log air traffic in a USER-DEFINED area or choose from over 100 UK airport Locations.

Aircraft Count Display

A small program which constantly displays the amount of unique aircraft being received by the SBS, and displays the highest amount received at any one time.

Aircraft Counter

This program log's the maximum amount of aircraft that you have picked up at any one time from a previously generated log from BaseStation Reporter

Military Logger

Ideal for creating Military Logs for email , forum's etc. , using a previously generated log from BaseStation Reporter.

Plane Plotter

A brilliant companion to BaseStation, allowing users to share there plane contacts al over the world, now also has the ability to track Non-position aircraft using Multilation.

SBS Plotter

Record's maximum ranges aircraft are picked up for varying altitudes.

Dr Alan's Toolkit

Allows editing of the BaseStation Database

Overflight Logger

Log aircraft flying within a certain range of your location.

"BS Recording Search" ia an excellent facility for editing recordings from SBS- , CLICK HERE to find out more.

BS Alert

Get visual and audio alerts for aircraft picked up by your SBS-1


Simply enter a valid flight number and Lat & Long to get info on that flight


A good database editing program allowing you to log , edit etc, free version also available

JSTARS LIGHT Flight Display

Display information about a particlar aircraft's flight


SBS-1 Forum For help with all aspects of the SBS-1

Radar Spotters Forum A forum to dicuss all aspects of the SBS-1 and other Real-Time Virtual radar equipment & add on's etc.

SBS BST Share you recordings made from youe SBS , or download recording from different locations etc.

Kinetic Avionics Designers and producers of the SBS-1 Airframes ModeS lookup facility

G-INFO GINFO Database Search

Edinburgh Aviation Consultants Downloadable PDF of ModeS/Hex

Aerosite Aircraft Logo's , Spec's , News etc.

Skyliners Aviation news and more

Boeing Aircraft Deliveries Blog Self explanatory

Scramble Has some good ModeS code lookup facilities

Live Military ModeS Logs of Military Aircraft for most countries (updated every two minutes)

Live Civil ModeS Logs of Civil Aircraft for most countries (updated every two minutes)

Air Britain A good picture look up site





For help with installing , running , upgrading or any other matter relating to the SBS-1 please join the sbs-1 Forum.

The expertise and helpfulness on the forum is second to known

Visit the FORUM.

Most of the add-ons that will appear on this site have been produced by enthusiasts

giving up hours , days even months of their own time to develop them.

As a fellow enthusiast I would like to thank all those who have done such a great job

and made my enjoyment of the SBS-1 increase constantly.

If you know of any other add-on not already mentioned , or notice any dead links , mistakes etc please email me.




Please note that this site is not officially connected to Kinetic Avionic Products Limited nor Martin Lynch & Sons Limited.

It is created and maintained by an enthusiast for enthusiasts.

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